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Why Choose Our Ladies Wear Store In Cardiff, Wales - 1st April 2019

Our ladies wear store in Cardiff, Wales is waiting for you to discover something special, no matter what you are searching for. We will work together to move you closer than ever towards something that makes you feel amazing, confident and full of self-esteem. To guide you through this exciting time, our team at Dresses of Elegance will help you with our expertise and combination of the finest designers and brands.

What ladies wear are you looking to purchase in Cardiff?

We have everything from prom dresses for school and college leavers through to dresses and gowns for corporate events as well as wedding dresses, communion dresses and much more. These ever-evolving collections will provide us with the best chance of guiding you towards something perfect for your specific needs.

How we can help you find the ideal ladies wear items from our Cardiff store?

Our helpful team are passionate about finding the solutions to your queries. From measuring your size and directing you towards collections that will suit your budget, body type and preferences to giving you the space and time to try on our designer dresses, you will be certain of finding something special at Dresses of Elegance. As one of the best bridal and prom dress stockists in Cardiff, Wales, we can also guide you along this journey.

Come and visit our team at Dresses of Elegance in Cardiff, Wales to get the best advice. Speak with our team to find out more.

Appointment Only Prom Dress Fittings In Cardiff - 4th March 2019

The finest prom dresses, the most reputable designers, the most glamorous designs and a professional fitting can all be achieved in one fell swoop when you choose Dresses of Elegance. Our appointment-only prom dress fittings in Cardiff are chosen by prom attendees, queens and more searching for the perfect gown for the special night.

We are passionate about our ability to source the latest collections from leading prom dress and gown designers based across the UK. No matter the style, shape or budget you have for your prom dress, you can be certain of finding something in our selection of Angel Forever, Jora and To The Nines gowns and dresses.

Why choose our appointment-only prom dress fittings in Cardiff?

Far from just being about how good the dress looks; your prom dress must fit you well and feel comfortable. To achieve this, our prom dress specialists will work hard to find a size, tailor adjustments and offer you a range of options to discover the ideal prom dress for the special end-of-year ball.

Whether you have a dress in mind, or you are just starting to browse the latest 2019 prom gown collections, our prom gown fitting in Cardiff could be ideal for you.

To book an appointment with our team at Dresses of Elegance, please speak with us today.  

Choosing The Best Prom Dress Stockists In Cardiff - 4th February 2019

How do we choose any dress that we buy? There are a number of stages to make sure that we find something perfect, but it will come down to that initial gasp and the instant feeling of desire you will get when your eyes lock on the ideal dress and gown. That’s exactly how we believe everyone should feel when they are searching for a prom dress from our selection at Dresses of Elegance.

We have become leading prom dress stockists in Cardiff and are constantly accommodating for the changing and evolving desires of our customers. Our dress shop in Cardiff is constantly hosting appointments for individuals searching for the ideal dress to wear for their prom night. We will help to guide you through the various options, leading designers and find the ultimate fit to ensure a comfortable and confident prom night.

Why choose Dresses of Elegance?

Our reputation as one of the best prom dress stockists in Cardiff is due to our ability to source and fit a range of leading brands in the prom world. We are proud to have the latest dresses and gowns from brands such as Angel Forever, Jora Collections, To The Nines and Envious in our Cardiff store.

If you would like to see why we are chosen for appointments across Cardiff, get in contact to book today.

Choose Us As Your Prom Dress Stockists In Cardiff - 7th January 2019

It is not only a decision for a night, it is a decision that will become a poster of adolescent life. As it is usually the last ball or prom night before adulthood, the end of school prom is a big moment for many girls and this usually hinges on the dress selection – once the right dress has been found, everything falls into place.

At Dresses of Elegance we want to create a space where all girls are welcome to try and experiment with our designer prom dresses. As professional prom dress stockists in Cardiff we have become a leading provider of prom gowns and dresses that befit a range of shapes, sizes and styles.

But, why choose us as your prom dress stockist in Cardiff?

When you visit our premises in Cardiff you will be greeted by a professional stylist who can guide you through the various options available to you. This will span our latest 2019 prom collection from designers such as Angel Forever, Jora Collections and To The Nines; bringing you closer than ever to the prom dress of your dreams.

After you have found a beautiful gown that suits your individual style, you will have the chance to wear it with pride at your special event. To find out more or to book an appointment with our team, get in contact with us today.

Discover Our Prom Dresses In Cardiff - 10th December 2018

Prom time brings together a number of hopes and fears; most of which are centred around choosing the right dress. What you require, therefore, is a destination that brings together the best designers in the prom world such as Angel Forever, Blush, Envious Couture and Jora.

By doing this, our team at Dresses of Elegance make purchasing a prom dress in Cardiff as easy and as fun as possible. We work hard to ensure that we have both quality and variety running through all of the selections on offer when you visit our store.

There you will be greeted by an expert who will guide you in the right direction towards a dress that befits your style, your body type and your budget. But, why choose Dresses of Elegance for our prom dresses in Cardiff?

We have become a leading destination for women looking to find the perfect prom dress. Our job is to provide a straight-forward service that follows every prom queen’s desires and befits the fantasy in your mind. Whether you and your friends choose together or with your parents, you will have no trouble in finding expert advice and guidance from our professionals at Dresses of Elegance.

To discover more about our prom dresses in Cardiff and to find out which designers we have in stock, speak with us today.

Get Prepared For The 2019 Prom Season - 12th November 2018

2019 collections, a personalised fitting service, an affordable dress. As you approach the exciting time for proms, galas and fancy balls, it is also the amazing time where you are allowed to choose your dress. Your prom dress will be a big topic of conversation at your college or school, so it pays to choose our team at Dresses of Elegance.

As the prom season approaches you will want to have the chance to flick through collections and discover something that is suited to your body type, style, budget and more. When you choose to come along on this journey with our team at Dresses of Elegance you can be certain of finding something tailored to your every desire.

Check out our latest 2019 prom dress collections in Cardiff

We have recently updated our store to bring you the latest updates in our line of dresses. As a store that works closely with the best and most renowned designers, we can guide you towards dresses that will drop jaws and make you feel amazing on your special evening.

Dresses from Angel Forever, Jora Collections, To The Nines and Envious Couture have been refreshed for the 2019 prom season and will offer you something incredible to wear for your prom.

To book an appointment with our professional team at Dresses of Elegance, get in contact with our team today.

Our Occasion Wear Store In Cardiff - 22nd October 2018

Fashion is a treadmill of things becoming stylist before fading away again. To get it right every time you need to be visiting the best possible outlets where you can discover what people are wearing and what suits your exact needs. As an occasion wear store in Cardiff dedicated to beautiful dresses and gowns, our service at Dresses of Elegance is designed to bring you closer to the best designers in the business.

Whether you are looking forward to your prom in 2019, you have a Christmas ball coming up soon or you want to treat yourself with a gift, our team at Dresses of Elegance will guide you towards it. We can assure this through our partnerships with leading dress designers who can edge you closer to something unique and stylish for any event.

Visit our occasion wear store in Cardiff for a measuring and fitting service like no other

Walking into our store will provide your eyes with many places to look. Dresses of every ilk and each style await you at Dresses of Elegance which you can try on after we have provided a professional measuring service.

To make sure that your dress hugs you in the right way looks great and makes you feel amazing, it’s important that you are measured accurately. Led by our stylists, we will measure and pick out a range of dresses that could be ideal for your measurements and requirements.

If you are looking forward to the prom season of 2019 then you should keep an eye on our website, we are receiving deliveries each day full of the best and latest prom dresses from leading brands.

Book your appointment with us today to discover more about our work.

Where To Go In Cardiff For Prom Season - 24th September 2018

It will be an exciting time for your daughter as they approach their prom. It will seem exciting to them too, but they will be far too worried about what they are going to wear. That’s when you choose to bring them to us at Dresses of Elegance to have a prom dress fitted to them which makes them feel confident.

We are chosen across Cardiff for our prom dresses which are ideal for prom season and beyond. Our experienced stylists know exactly what your teenager will look for in a prom dress which they combine with their expertise to fit dresses to any body type. We believe in instilling confidence in a moment that can become a little stressful. Our team know how to make it a positive and interesting experience for your daughter.

Finding and fitting the perfect prom dresses in Cardiff

We work with some of the market’s leading brands for prom dresses to provide our customers with the choice that they deserve. Angel Forever, Jora Collection, To The Nines, Envious Couture, Oksana Mukha and Tiffany’s Illusion prom dresses are all available for our customers to choose from and each of them will be lovingly fitted to ensure a comfortable and beautiful finish for the special evening.

Make sure your daughter feels great on their prom night by choosing Dresses of Elegance in Cardiff. To discover more about us or to book an appointment, get in contact with us today.

Where To Find Bridal Dresses In Cardiff - 27th August 2018

Deciding on a dress for yourself will be difficult as you approach your special day. Choosing how to accompany your beautiful gown with your bridesmaids will be another difficult choice for you to make in the lead up to the event. At Dresses of Elegance we want to make the whole process as easy as possible with our collections of bridal dresses in Cardiff alongside our bridesmaid dresses.

When you visit our store in person you will have the chance to select, deliberate and try on your wedding dress. This, we believe, will give you the best indication of how the dress looks on you and, more importantly, how it makes you feel. We can claim to have some of finest and most unique bridal dresses in Cardiff at Dresses of Elegance due to our commitment to quality in everything we do.

Bridal dresses that will give you a choice of colour, style and sizes

The job of our stylists at Dresses of Elegance is to guide you towards a bridal dress in Cardiff that makes you feel extra special before your big day. To make sure that this flows smoothly from start to finish our team will provide you with a free instore measuring service that will guarantee you have a fitted dress that is comfortable throughout the day.

To discuss your options with our team at Dresses of Elegance, get in contact with us

Where To Find The Most Elegant Dresses In Cardiff - 6th August 2018

The special occasion is coming around quickly. A wedding, a corporate event, a gala, a birthday bash or a black-tie event can prompt a number of worries and questions. What will I wear? How much will it cost? How will I know it fits? Are there people who can help me?

To answer all of your questions at Dresses of Elegance is a combination of our professional stylists and a vast array of elegant dresses in Cardiff. We’re able to provide you with everything that you need to feel comfortable and confident in your new dress. In our Cardiff store you can try on a wide range of dresses to find the perfect one for you.

Why is Dresses of Elegance the ultimate destination for elegant dresses in the UK?

We’ve helped to find dresses for many different individuals in our time. Are you the Mother of the Bride, a bridesmaid or just looking for a stunning new dress? Our elegant dresses in Cardiff come from the best independent designers as well as well-known brands from across the UK.

Our job at Dresses of Elegance is to provide you with the confidence that you need to strut your stuff, whatever the event is that you’re attending.

Speak to our team at Dresses of Elegance to discover more about our elegant dresses in Cardiff. 

Elegant Dresses Cardiff - 2nd July 2018

Have you found our website because you are looking to find a supplier of stunning and elegant dresses in Cardiff? If so, then you have certainly arrived at the right place and we can help you here at Dresses of Elegance. Upon visiting our website, you will be able to see that we have a fantastic range of dresses available for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a dress for your prom or you are soon to be a bridesmaid of the bride, we have it covered!

Although we appreciate that we aren’t the only suppliers of dresses in Cardiff, from previous customer feedback, we can say with full confidence that we are one of the best. Here are three reasons why:

1)     Quality – The dresses we have available not only look stunning but they are made of the highest quality so they feel fantastic on and are made to last.

2)     Service – We pride ourselves on the high-quality service we deliver to our customers. From the moment you come into our store, you will be able to browse at your leisure and try on any dresses you wish.

3)     Price – Cheapest doesn’t always mean best, especially when it comes to purchasing an elegant dress, however, we ensure our prices are competitive.

We hope from the information provided above (and on our website), you decide to make us your first choice when you are looking for an elegant dresses Cardiff provider. To make an appointment, please contact us on 02920 363 851. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Choose Our Wedding Dress Shop In Cardiff - 4th June 2018

It’s regarded as one of the biggest and best days in a woman’s life; getting married is the most amazing concoction of love and excitement. At our wedding dress shop in Cardiff, you’ll get the chance to see the best range of wedding gowns and dress from leading designers in the industry. At Dresses of Elegance, we’ll give you the best chance to find your favourite dress and have it fitted to your requirements.

If you’re wondering what makes our wedding dress shop in Cardiff so special, here are three reasons why you should choose our boutique for your bridal gown choice:

·       Oksana Mukha supplier: We’re one of just five UK stockists of the European wedding designer range from Oksana Mukha. This has ensured that our bridal shop in Cardiff has a reputation for the most exclusive products.

·       Help choosing the perfect dress: When you choose to visit our wedding dress shop in Cardiff, you’ll be greeted by a bridal stylist who can guide you towards the ultimate gown for your price range and body type.

·       Accessorise at Dresses of Elegance: After you’ve chosen your perfect dress, you’ll be guided through our selection of accessories which will crown your day off with us.

If you’d like to find out more about our wedding dress shop in Cardiff, speak to our team of bridal stylists today.

Why Choose Us For Your Daughter’s Prom Dress In Cardiff - 4th June 2018

It’s a day that your daughter will remember forever. Prom night is held up as one of the finest evenings in the school calendar and signifies that end of formal education for many kids. That’s why it has become vitally important to find a dress that looks good and feels comfortable for your daughter.

At Dresses of Elegance, we’ve become a leading stockist and provider of prom dresses in Cardiff where girls can have their dream dress fitted to their body perfectly. There’s no reason not to choose our prom dress shop in Cardiff, but there are some reasons why you should check us out:

·       Leading prom designers: We source our vast array of prom dresses in Cardiff from Blush – Ven Couture, Envious Couture, Oksana Mukha and Tiffany’s Illusion. We’re certain your daughter will find her ideal prom dress in our Cardiff store.

·       Not on the high street: Our selection at Dresses of Elegance is borne from independent stockists and designers, not from generic high street chains. This offers something totally out of the ordinary for your daughter.

·       Experienced consultant: When you arrive in our Cardiff store, you’ll be greeted by a consultant who will measure and help to find the ideal prom dress.

If you’d like to book an appointment with our team, speak to us today.

Where’s The Best Place To Find Cardiff Wedding Dresses - 7th May 2018

We all want to look amazing on our wedding day. We all want something that fits, is comfortable and makes us feel a million dollars. Well, if you’re searching around for a place that can offer you a stunning range of wedding dresses in Cardiff, look no further. At Dresses of Elegance we’re trusted as one of the finest suppliers and fitters of beautiful gowns in Cardiff.

Summer weddings are coming thick and fast this year. You’ll soon be seeing cars draped in ribbons across the UK, but the focus is on you when you choose us. You can make this big decision in confidence with our team at Dresses of Elegance. For the best Cardiff wedding dresses, you’ll need to know that we can boast a range of designers.

By choosing to visit our team at Dresses of Elegance you’ll be able to browse through our bridal collections from Adagio, Bliss, Jessica Grace and Oksana Muhka. Within these collections we’re certain that you will find the ideal Cardiff wedding dress for your special day.

Visiting our Cardiff store will give you the confidence to stride down the aisle in a beautifully fitted wedding gown. Simply book an appointment with our team at Dresses of Elegance to bring yourself closer to a wide range of gorgeous Cardiff wedding dresses.

If you’d like to find out more about our service, get in contact with us today.

The Best Prom Dress Stockists In Cardiff - 9th April 2018

The end of school or college is a hugely important stage in any young person’s life. Finality, in educational terms, of the child stuff - adulthood is just around the corner. To celebrate the end of the school or college year, the prom takes up much of the headspace of every girl and boy. That makes finding the perfect prom dress stockist in Cardiff an important stage in the search for the ideal prom gown.

At Dresses of Elegance we’re recognised as one of the best prom dress stockists in Cardiff because of the unique combination we have: Incredible designers and experienced staff. These will combine to help you find the best possible prom dress alongside your daughter, granddaughter or nephew. We’ll guide you through the measuring stage and our recommendations before letting their imagination run free.

Sourcing our prom dresses in Cardiff from designers such as Blush, Envious Couture, Oksana Mukha and Tiffany’s Illusion Prom, we’re certain that we’ve got the ideal dress waiting to be discovered, unearthed and fitted. Visiting Dresses of Elegance will put you at ease straight away because of our experience and the vast array of prom dresses we have in stock in Cardiff.

To find out more about our reputation as a prom dress stockist in Cardiff, speak to us today.

Get Prepared For Your Special Day With Our Wedding Dresses In Cardiff - 12th March 2018 

One of the hardest and exciting choices when your wedding day is approaching will be your wedding dress. Remembered for years to come in photos and permanently engrained in the minds of all that attend your special day, you deserve to choose from some of the finest dresses alongside expert advice.

That’s exact what we’ll offer you at Dresses of Elegance. Our wedding dresses in Cardiff will provide you with the ultimate selection of gorgeous gowns and delicate accessories that you’ll be able to lovingly try on with our bridal stylists. Our team will make sure to guide you towards a wedding dress in Cardiff that is perfectly befitting of your body type and the style you’re looking to capture.

We source our wedding dresses in Cardiff from some of the most renowned designers and houses which will offer you variety and exclusivity. Our website houses just a glimpse of the wedding dresses we have ready for you to deliberate over. We’re certain that you’ll find a gown that shows off your best features and ensures you can strut down the aisle in confidence.

British, European and International designers are represented in our selection of beautiful wedding dresses in Cardiff. To find out more about our exceptional service at Dresses of Elegance, visit us in store or get in contact with us.

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