Why Choose Our Wedding Dress Shop In Cardiff - 4th June 2018

It’s regarded as one of the biggest and best days in a woman’s life; getting married is the most amazing concoction of love and excitement. At our wedding dress shop in Cardiff, you’ll get the chance to see the best range of wedding gowns and dress from leading designers in the industry. At Dresses of Elegance we’ll give you the best chance to find your favourite dress and have it fitted to your requirements.

If you’re wondering what makes our wedding dress shop in Cardiff so special, here are three reasons why you should choose our boutique for your bridal gown choice:

· Oksana Mukha supplier: We’re one of just five UK stockists of the European wedding designer range from Oksana Mukha. This has ensured that our bridal shop in Cardiff has a reputation for the most exclusive products.

· Help choosing the perfect dress: When you choose to visit our wedding dress shop in Cardiff, you’ll be greeted by a bridal stylist who can guide you towards the ultimate gown for your price range and body type.

· Accessorise at Dresses of Elegance: After you’ve chosen your perfect dress, you’ll be guided through our selection of accessories which will crown your day off with us.

If you’d like to find out more about our wedding dress shop in Cardiff, speak to our team of bridal stylists today.

Why Choose Us For Your Daughter’s Prom Dress In Cardiff - 4th June 2018

It’s a day that your daughter will remember forever. Prom night is held up as one of the finest evenings in the school calendar and signifies that end of formal education for many kids. That’s why it has become vitally important to find a dress that looks good and feels comfortable for your daughter.

At Dresses of Elegance we’ve become a leading stockist and provider of prom dresses in Cardiff where girls can have their dream dress fitted to their body perfectly. There’s no reason not to choose our prom dress shop in Cardiff, but there are some reasons why you should check us out:

· Leading prom designers: We source our vast array of prom dresses in Cardiff from Blush – Ven Couture, Envious Couture, Oksana Mukha and Tiffany’s Illusion. We’re certain your daughter will find her ideal prom dress in our Cardiff store.

· Not on the high street: Our selection at Dresses of Elegance is borne from independent stockists and designers, not from generic high street chains. This offers something totally out of the ordinary for your daughter.

· Experienced consultant: When you arrive in our Cardiff store, you’ll be greeted by a consultant who will measure and help to find the ideal prom dress.

If you’d like to book an appointment with our team, speak to us today.

Where’s The Best Place To Find Cardiff Wedding Dresses - 7th May 2018

We all want to look amazing on our wedding day. We all want something that fits, is comfortable and makes us feel a million dollars. Well, if you’re searching around for a place that can offer you a stunning range of wedding dresses in Cardiff, look no further. At Dresses of Elegance we’re trusted as one of the finest suppliers and fitters of beautiful gowns in Cardiff.

Summer weddings are coming thick and fast this year. You’ll soon be seeing cars draped in ribbons across the UK, but the focus is on you when you choose us. You can make this big decision in confidence with our team at Dresses of Elegance. For the best Cardiff wedding dresses, you’ll need to know that we can boast a range of designers.

By choosing to visit our team at Dresses of Elegance you’ll be able to browse through our bridal collections from Adagio, Bliss, Jessica Grace and Oksana Muhka. Within these collections we’re certain that you will find the ideal Cardiff wedding dress for your special day.

Visiting our Cardiff store will give you the confidence to stride down the aisle in a beautifully fitted wedding gown. Simply book an appointment with our team at Dresses of Elegance to bring yourself closer to a wide range of gorgeous Cardiff wedding dresses.

If you’d like to find out more about our service, get in contact with us today.

The Best Prom Dress Stockists In Cardiff - 9th April 2018

The end of school or college is a hugely important stage in any young person’s life. Finality, in educational terms, of the child stuff - adulthood is just around the corner. To celebrate the end of the school or college year, the prom takes up much of the headspace of every girl and boy. That makes finding the perfect prom dress stockist in Cardiff an important stage in the search for the ideal prom gown.

At Dresses of Elegance we’re recognised as one of the best prom dress stockists in Cardiff because of the unique combination we have: Incredible designers and experienced staff. These will combine to help you find the best possible prom dress alongside your daughter, granddaughter or nephew. We’ll guide you through the measuring stage and our recommendations before letting their imagination run free.

Sourcing our prom dresses in Cardiff from designers such as Blush, Envious Couture, Oksana Mukha and Tiffany’s Illusion Prom, we’re certain that we’ve got the ideal dress waiting to be discovered, unearthed and fitted. Visiting Dresses of Elegance will put you at ease straight away because of our experience and the vast array of prom dresses we have in stock in Cardiff.

To find out more about our reputation as a prom dress stockist in Cardiff, speak to us today.

Get Prepared For Your Special Day With Our Wedding Dresses In Cardiff - 12th March 2018

One of the hardest and exciting choices when your wedding day is approaching will be your wedding dress. Remembered for years to come in photos and permanently engrained in the minds of all that attend your special day, you deserve to choose from some of the finest dresses alongside expert advice.

That’s exact what we’ll offer you at Dresses of Elegance. Our wedding dresses in Cardiff will provide you with the ultimate selection of gorgeous gowns and delicate accessories that you’ll be able to lovingly try on with our bridal stylists. Our team will make sure to guide you towards a wedding dress in Cardiff that is perfectly befitting of your body type and the style you’re looking to capture.

We source our wedding dresses in Cardiff from some of the most renowned designers and houses which will offer you variety and exclusivity. Our website houses just a glimpse of the wedding dresses we have ready for you to deliberate over. We’re certain that you’ll find a gown that shows off your best features and ensures you can strut down the aisle in confidence.

British, European and International designers are represented in our selection of beautiful wedding dresses in Cardiff. To find out more about our exceptional service at Dresses of Elegance, visit us in store or get in contact with us.

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